Equality For All Committee Mission

Our committee focuses intersectionality and protection of marginalized groups. Our actions center around racial justice, immigration and refugee rights and LGBTQ equality. As progressive women we believe that all humans should be treated with respect, dignity and the right to safety. Civil rights are human rights.

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#GeorgeFloyd #WeCantBreathe #BlackLivesMatter

I am sure you have seen these hashtags a lot this week. At Women for Progress, we support the Black Lives Matter movement, and we take a stand against all racial injustices. George Floyd was murdered this week and became another victim of police brutality.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund is collecting donations to bail out protestors speaking out for George Floyd and other victims of police brutality. To support the Minnesota Freedom Fund, or to learn more about them, click here.

75 Things White People Can Do To Fight Racism

Anti-racism work needs to be a top priority for EVERYONE in the United States. There is no freedom until we are all equal. To learn more about race relations in America today, click here to access an excellent resource for everyone. (Must be signed in to your Google Account to access the document).

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