Brittany Miano

Brittany Miano is General Counsel and Co-Chair of the Women’s Health Issues committee for WFP. She grew up in Michigan and developed her passion for progressive causes while pursuing her degree in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy at Michigan State University, where she was graduated in 2003.

After working for a lobbying firm during college, Brittany decided to attend law school to pursue a career in politics. While attending Albany Law School in New York, she worked for a lobbying firm advocating for women’s reproductive rights, environmental issues and consumer protections. She also served as President of Law Students for Choice and actively championed pro-choice rights.

Since graduation from law school in 2006, she has been an attorney practicing law in Northern New Jersey.  While her focus shifted away from politics and advocacy in recent years, the current political climate has reinvigorated her desires to become involved again and advocate on behalf of women’s rights, environmental awareness, gun control and other rights currently under threat.