Hundreds protest outside of Supreme Court ahead of Kavanaugh vote

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The debate over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination spilled into the streets of Washington, D.C., Thursday as hundreds of protesters rallied outside the Supreme Court.

Vocal opponents to President Trump’s nominee for the nation’s high court chanted near the steps of the courthouse; some of Kavanaugh’s supporters demonstrated as well.

Crowds of activists, many of whom wearing black — commonly associated with supporting sexual assault survivors — swarmed inside the Hart Senate Office Building Thursday afternoon.

Activists hold a protest march and rally in opposition to U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh near the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Oct. 4, 2018.
The controversy over Kavanaugh’s nomination is coming to a head now as the Senate prepares to vote on his nomination, likely in the next two days.

Trump nominated Kavanaugh on July 10 but decades-old accusations of sexual assault created drama and logistical hurdles late in the confirmation process.


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