Erin Chung

Progressive Women Find Leader In Wyckoff Mom Who Worked For Trump

A reprint from Wyckoff Daily Voice by Laura Kidd Ferguson

WYCKOFF, N.J. – Before Erin Chung became a stay-at-home mom raising three children in Wyckoff, she had another job.

For more than five years, she worked for President-Elect Donald Trump, as marketing manager for the Miss Universe organization. She flew on his plane with him and stayed in his children’s private suite at his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate, she said.

But “my whole time working for that company, I just didn’t feel good about what I was promoting and I didn’t feel good about him as a person or a leader,” she said.

Days after Trump was elected President, Chung began chatting with a few other women in Wyckoff.

“We were just saying, ‘What just happened? What does this mean? What is going to change in our lives and in politics with the issues that we care about?’” she said.

The women had a lot to say and they thought others might too. So they formed a group and called it Women for Progress. About 35 women attended the first meeting in Chung’s home. A couple months later, the group has grown to about 250 members and Chung has decided to make it a non-profit.


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