Letter to the Editor: Wyckoff Mayoral Process

To Whom it May Concern,

On Tuesday July 18, during public comment at the Wyckoff Town Council meeting, it was brought up that more than 900 Wyckoff residents had signed a petition asking for a bi-partisan subcommittee to be formed, in order to discuss the town’s antiquated and archaic form of government. The catalyst for the petition: the partisan vote which left extremely popular (and highest vote-getter in his last election,) Deputy Mayor Brian Scanlan, without the title of Mayor in early 2017. Under the current government structure, the residents of Wyckoff do not elect not elect their mayor. There was no explanation given as to why Democrat Scanlan was passed over in favor of third-term serving, current Mayor Rudolph Boonstra.

Near the end of the meeting, Scanlan pointed out that out of approximately 70 Board and Volunteer positions available in the town, participants are largely Republican. Mayor Boonstra responded by saying: Of course, there are a majority of Republicans. That is due to the fact that there are four Republicans on the Township Committee and only one Democrat. The audience, (who stayed for discussion after the meeting) inferred that volunteer and board positions for the town is a partisan choice. If you’re not a Republican, your chance of being able to serve your community is diminished.

As a resident of Wyckoff, I am deeply troubled. Not only is it evident that partisan politics is in play in Wyckoff, our so-called town representatives are unashamed of that fact, and even admitted to such party politics on the record.
I believe town politics should be a democratic process. Wyckoff residents should be allowed to vote for their Mayor. Any qualified person who wants to volunteer their time for the betterment of the town should be allowed to do so regardless of their party affiliation.

Erin Chung, WFP President & Lisa Eidel, WFP Member


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