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Stop the Infighting.

When We Unite, We Win.

A recent New York magazine article titled, “Josh Gottheimer Is on a Mission to Destroy Joe Biden’s Presidency,” gives some indication of the dilemma facing the Democratic party.

The article goes on to call Gottheimer the “true archvillain” of the Biden presidency.

That designation, until now, has been bestowed upon Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (W.Va). But even he, a senator of a largely republican state, has been willing to negotiate a meaningful Senate reconciliation package, delivering key progressive goals.  

The same cannot be said of Gottheimer, who has been assembling a small faction of House Democrats to counter the Manchin deal and essentially kill it by eliminating the tax hikes on the wealthy Manchin proposed as a means of reducing the deficit, which is the primary reason he’s backing the bill.

It would appear Gottheimer’s goal is to protect the wealthiest of the wealthy in the most affluent districts from any kind of taxation rather than work with his own party to get legislation passed to improve the lives of Americans. 

This infighting along with the Democrat’s (and media’s) inability to get key messaging out to the public has stymied the party for quite some time. The party needs to stop battling one another and criticizing their own, namely Biden, and unite. This is something the Republicans figured out a long time ago. When we have Democratic control of both the House and the Senate and still can’t get legislation passed, we need to do some serious reflection.

The article goes as far as to say:

“At this point, Democrats would be better off with a Republican representing New Jersey’s Fifth District.”

We wouldn’t go that far, but we would say it’s a good time to contact those representing us in Washington and let them know we expect them to unite as a party.

We also expect them to support the President rather than malign him and to tout the significant accomplishments of his administration. Maybe then he wouldn’t be suffering from poor poll numbers, and the Democratic party as a whole wouldn’t be in such a precarious position. 

Americans for some reason seem to have short term memory issues. Can we recall the state of affairs just two years ago in this country? Remember when groups of white supremacists lead by the former president violently tried to overturn the results of a democratic presidential election and with it our democracy?

Compare that with the present state of the country under Biden. We say no contest.

Citizens, of course, like to blame the person in power for current conditions (gas prices, inflation) even when that person isn’t responsible for producing those conditions, but if voters look at the facts (remember those?), President Biden and his administration have delivered a number of major improvements in just two years for people across the country.

5 Major Wins Biden’s Delivered for Americans

  • Infrastructure – raising our rating from our present D+ by investing in our neglected and crumbling roads and bridges, bringing high-speed internet to communities throughout the U.S., and, significantly, requiring materials to be made in America.
  • Economic Gains – creating a record setting 8.3 million jobs in less than 2 years
    • The fastest decline in unemployment ever recorded happened under the Biden administration.
    • The number of people relying on unemployment checks to feed their families dropped from nearly 20 million when Biden first assumed office to just 1 million – the lowest since 1970.
    • The deficit is smaller under the Biden administration than it was at the end of the Trump administration (reduced by $350 billion).
  • NATO – united 30 nations to oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, supplied military assistance, and implemented severe sanctions against Putin.
  • Reduced the Child Poverty Rate – the child poverty rate dropped to the lowest level on record under Biden who increased the child tax credit and broadened eligibility to include the poorest of the poor (the approximately 1/3 of children who had been excluded due to little or no income).
  • Diversity – the first President whose cabinet is not staffed by a majority of whites and contains a record number of women. Biden also appointed or nominated:
    • 1st woman Treasury Secretary
    • 1st Native American to hold a Cabinet position
    • 1st female Director of National Intelligence
    • 1st LGBTQ person to hold a Cabinet position
    • 1st African American woman to sit on the Supreme Court

See the full article here

Democrats, we need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot and unite to get critical work done.

To that end, we ask you to call Josh Gottheimer and Mikie Sherrill and ask them to support the reconciliation bill, stand with their party, and call for party unity.

Josh Gottheimer


Mikie Sherrill